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Finally....the US Supreme Court has spoken.

Employers who offer 401k plans that hold 401k investments larded with hidden and/or excessive asset-based fees and commissions can now be sued by their employees. The Court has affirmed the position that employers who sponsor 401k plans have a binding fiduciary responsibility to offer low-fee investments, and monitor 401k administrative and investment costs, or face expensive litigation.

We at 401k Easy have been waiting for this decision for over four years, and we could not be happier with yesterday’s Court ruling. 401k Easy has been
an outspoken leader in providing low-cost 401k administrative services. Since our inception 25 years ago we have prided ourselves in offering our plan
sponsors a virtually unlimited selection of no-load mutual funds, including top-rated, low cost funds available through popular fund distributors such as
Vanguard and Fidelity.

We have always been way out in front of others in our industry in promoting the virtues of low fee 401k plans and investments. According to recent
nationwide studies by AARP and Demos, today the typical American household saving for retirement in a 401k will pay nearly $155,000 in un-necessary,
excessive, and often hidden 401k fees and commissions to brokers, agents and administrators. The actual reports can be downloaded for your review
from our 401k-network.com website at http://401k-network.com/401k-price-comparisons.php.

So in summary, congratulations to you for selecting 401k Easy to be your company's 401k provider. You pay an ultra-low price for complete, high-quality
401k recordkeeping and administration, while simultaneously being able to offer your employees access to the most popular, highest rated, low fee 401k
investments available in the marketplace. And if you ever decide to update or change the 401k investments you currently offer, simply give us a call. There is
never any charge for making changes to your company's 401k investment lineup.


   For more information: comments@401k-hidden-fees.com